The officer recommendations contained within Council agendas do not necessarily reflect the Council Resolution. To confirm Resolutions (decisions) of Council and Planning and Consultation Committee meetings please refer to the minutes of those meetings.

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Viewing the Agenda in HTML format, allows residents to review the Agenda in text format and download attachments for reports in PDF format, reducing the need to download the full Attachment Agenda.

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Meeting DateMeetingAgendaMinutesAttachments
28 Sep 2021Council Meeting View/Text PDF(1.0MB) View/Text Attachment PDF(78.5MB)
14 Sep 2021Planning and Consultation Committee View/Text PDF(323.1KB) View/Text PDF(269.8KB) View/Text Attachment PDF(209.2MB)
24 Aug 2021Council Meeting View/Text PDF(602.1KB) View/Text PDF(346.0KB) View/Text Attachment PDF(43.3MB)
10 Aug 2021Planning and Consultation Committee View/Text PDF(644.7KB) View/Text PDF(183.8KB) View/Text Attachment PDF(4.0MB)
27 Jul 2021Council Meeting View/Text PDF(29.0MB) View/Text PDF(829.7KB) View/Text Attachment PDF(59.1MB)
13 Jul 2021Planning and Consultation Committee View/Text PDF(735.8KB) View/Text PDF(574.6KB) View/Text Attachment PDF(6.0MB)
29 Jun 2021Council Meeting View/Text PDF(1.2MB) View/Text PDF(774.5KB) View/Text Attachment PDF(109.3MB)
8 Jun 2021Planning and Consultation Committee View/Text PDF(632.2KB) View/Text PDF(598.9KB) View/Text Attachment PDF(13.8MB)
25 May 2021Council Meeting View/Text PDF(1.3MB) View/Text PDF(648.6KB) View/Text Attachment PDF(87.8MB)
11 May 2021Planning and Consultation Committee View/Text PDF(582.3KB) View/Text PDF(508.7KB) View/Text Attachment PDF(7.2MB)
27 Apr 2021Council Meeting View/Text PDF(997.8KB) View/Text PDF(716.0KB) View/Text Attachment PDF(48.1MB)
13 Apr 2021Planning and Consultation Committee View/Text PDF(683.1KB) View/Text Attachment PDF(2.4MB)
13 Apr 2021Planning and Consultation Committee View/Text PDF(467.0KB)
23 Mar 2021Council Meeting View/Text PDF(38.4MB) View/Text PDF(834.6KB) View/Text Attachment PDF(68.1MB)
9 Mar 2021Future Nillumbik Committee View/Text PDF(469.9KB) View/Text PDF(463.5KB) View/Text Attachment PDF(24.2MB)
23 Feb 2021Council Meeting View/Text PDF(1.1MB) View/Text PDF(862.1KB) View/Text Attachment PDF(42.4MB)
9 Feb 2021Future Nillumbik Committee View/Text PDF(33.3MB) View/Text PDF(699.5KB) View/Text Attachment PDF(15.3MB)
27 Jan 2021Council Meeting View/Text PDF(15.7MB) View/Text PDF(772.3KB) View/Text Attachment PDF(18.6MB)